Design for Life

We live in a world in constant mutation where it is increasingly important to reduce the harms of excessive consumerism - "buy, use and throw away" - which has also reached the furniture of our homes.

So we bet on a line of modern design furniture but with as much versatility as possible as we all like to change the environments in which we live. We then developed a range of furniture with modern and simple lines that focuses on the possibility of transforming each piece throughout its life - either by purchasing new components or by replacing the coverings with others with a new look.

Our pieces are distinguished from the competition for their resistance and durability that allow them to last a lifetime but with the possibility of adapting to each new environment. The resistance and durability of our furniture is guaranteed by an innovative constructive system of aluminum and plywood improved over the years to develop furniture to be transported from Portugal to the World and resist the use of a fair with thousands of people without suffering damage. This is why you should choose the hOMe brand!