Prices and Payments

Payment Methods

After selecting the shipping method, we will present the data so that you can pay for your order through 3 different methods:

1. Credit Card
A safe and fast way to make your payment online. Bank cards are the most widely used online payment method.
All authorization requests will only be processed by Redunicre provided that the security code (CVV2/CVC2) of the respective card is included.
Debit cards that allow online payment are those that provide a Security Code on the back of the card.
Find here the 3 digits of your card's Security Code: CVV
We accept VISA and MASTERCARD payments.
Your card will be debited at the time of order confirmation. The secure payments page is provided by Shopify.

2. Paypal
An online and secure payment, through the Paypal application, where your credit card or bank account is used for payment but without your account details being made available.

3. ATM Reference
You can pay for your order at any ATM or Homebanking by choosing the "Payment for Purchases/Services" option.
Since your order will only be validated after payment confirmation, it is advisable to pay immediately to ensure the delivery of the order on the desired date.
If in doubt, please contact us.